4 thoughts on “Dead is Better”

  1. smells like a damp haunted forest in the best way possible. The fir needles are fresh, not astringent as they can sometimes be, the blackberry is barely noticeable but helps to add a bit of sweet.

  2. COLD and earthy with a distinct damp edge. In other words, mud! And lots of it! A Very Good Boye or Girle has tracked in a lot of mud.

  3. Starts off mostly mud and a bit of fir, counterbalanced with a touch of blackberry. Then the asphalt and fur appear in the drydown. The fur is luckily not a “wet dog” kind of thing, but like an actual animal – or, combined with the blackberry it makes kind of a “freshly shampooed hair” feel. The blackberry is really excellent and realistic, I almost wish there was more of it but I appreciate how it peeks in and out of the scent throughout the wear time.

  4. This is a winner!! I love that first blast of sharp fir needless, but they are fresh and not resinous! At application you get a cold feeling from it, love that! Don’t get any mud, but with wear there’s also a hint of blackberry noticeable. Overall it feels cold on the skin, perfect in this heat! 🥰

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