6 thoughts on “Dead is Better”

  1. So far not good, smells very much like something else but not sure what, the fir needles and blackberry are not distinct. tried again, just kind of indistinct

  2. Wet, it’s a sharp, dark dirty green, like leaves trampled in a wet pile of dirt. It reminds me The Fall of the House of Usher. On the skin, it warms up a bit. It’s described as a “shadowy green atmospheric”, and it is that. But it’s a very wearable atmospheric. Wet, I wasn’t sure I was going to like it. On the dry down, though, I’m enjoying it very much. The blackberry comes out, softening and warming up the scent a touch to combat the cold dirtiness.

  3. smells like a damp haunted forest in the best way possible. The fir needles are fresh, not astringent as they can sometimes be, the blackberry is barely noticeable but helps to add a bit of sweet.

  4. COLD and earthy with a distinct damp edge. In other words, mud! And lots of it! A Very Good Boye or Girle has tracked in a lot of mud.

  5. Starts off mostly mud and a bit of fir, counterbalanced with a touch of blackberry. Then the asphalt and fur appear in the drydown. The fur is luckily not a “wet dog” kind of thing, but like an actual animal – or, combined with the blackberry it makes kind of a “freshly shampooed hair” feel. The blackberry is really excellent and realistic, I almost wish there was more of it but I appreciate how it peeks in and out of the scent throughout the wear time.

  6. This is a winner!! I love that first blast of sharp fir needless, but they are fresh and not resinous! At application you get a cold feeling from it, love that! Don’t get any mud, but with wear there’s also a hint of blackberry noticeable. Overall it feels cold on the skin, perfect in this heat! 🥰

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