The Vanishing Hitchhiker

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: Nearly every region has a version or two of the tale of the ghostly hitchhiker. Her scent is forlorn and reminiscent of dark, lonely roads and summer storms: Soaked lace gown, bare feet on red clay, heavy air and rolling thunder, warm raindrops on a cracked windshield, screeching brakes, a flurry of fireflies, and a single puddle on an empty back seat

Released: July 13th 2018

3 thoughts on “The Vanishing Hitchhiker”

  1. Not quite as interesting as the description leads you to think the clay the petrichor the metal…none of that really stands out as such it all kinda blends into a metallic mens freshie cologne. now if you haven’t smelled too many of those you might go “wow! This is really cool and unique” but for me I’ve smelled this before

  2. On first application the screeching brakes and the empty back seat are the loudest elements, throwing just a ton of rubber and leather against a wet backdrop. Once the brakes have cooled, though, this scent is all about the storm: a warm ozonic note (now that I’m looking at the description, that’s probably the ‘cracked windshield’ glass note) and petrichor. I enjoy this a lot in the drydown, though I don’t know that it’s something I would want to wear often. To set a mood, perhaps.

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