Gothic Lolita

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: Night-blooming flowers (including Jasmine and Night-blooming Cereus), temple incense, sandalwood, peach nectar and apricot. A fruity floral (more floral than fruity) with a dark and resinous drydown.

Released: Limited Edition Fall 2015

5 thoughts on “Gothic Lolita”

  1. I hate jasmine so I was surprised that I ended up liking this, nice scent but I have similar things I like more

  2. Predominantly a sweet night-blooming Jasmine with incense and apricot notes. I’d call it more floral than fruity, but the fruit is definitely there. It fades to a soft incensey sandalwood with some lingering sweetness. It somehow smells a bit cold as well, which I really enjoy.

  3. Fuzzy sweet incense with a distinct peach candy note (think gummy candy) + a sweet inoffensive jasmine. There’s something a little cold about the drydown – it’s mostly sandalwood, but there’s a hint of something that makes me think of wet stone.

  4. This is the last of lolitas for me to try. I like this one just as much as kuro lolita. All 3 have a similar underlying theme but are very different overall. This one starts out with strong sweet jasmine, with the incense coming in shortly after. This faded to a fruity sandalwood.
    I’m trying to decided which one I like best. I know that I like kuro and gothic better than the original lolita, but I tend to lean towards darker perfumes. I will have to wear them side by side to determine a winner.

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