3 thoughts on “Grýla”

  1. Cold, minty musk and sweet berry wine with just enough of a metallic edge to keep it atmospheric and not too fruity. Gets muskier and more herbal as it dries.

  2. This is super pretty, opening with a burst of fruitiness (nothing boozy about the wine) and quickly settling into a fruit-tinged cool stone atmospheric with just the faintest trace of metal. Alas, it’s got very little throw, and barely lasted an hour on my skin.

  3. This is sooo good. It reminds me of Dead is Better because of the purple fruit and cold atmospheric elements, but the balance in this one is tilted much farther toward the fruit. Something about the floral element reminds me of Les Fleurs du Mal. Starts off sweet and metallic with just enough wine, then gets more “outdoors in the mountains” as it dries down, which am absolutely enamoured with. This is my favorite scent from Sixteen92 so far. Low/moderate throw, moderate longevity

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