2 thoughts on “The Book of the Beast”

  1. Wow, strong gourmand right from the vial. I don’t get much other than the slice of leftover birthday cake. On the skin, though–wow. Definitely get the cake, but also all the other notes come out. The wet leaves and smoke from the bonfire cut through the gourmand and intermingle with it, tempering the heavy gourmand. It doesn’t transform much as it dries down, which I appreciate. The complete dry-down is damp leaves and birthday cake.

  2. At first, I smelled a lot of what has to be the birthday cake – Smelling blind, I got a lot of sugar crystals and crunchy cookies. If they truly mean “leftover” cake, maybe the crunchy aspect is it being a little bit stale. I’m not sure. I smell that farther away but smell much more of the wet, decaying leaves when I sniff up close. Now that it has been several hours, there is not much sweetness left, but I do get the smallest hint of smoke from off in the distance.

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