Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: the fear of sunlight – once believed to be a telltale sign of vampirism. Its scent is shadowy and reclusive; the crumbling and overgrown garden path of a long-forgotten estate, drenched in moonlight and delicate wisps of fog, pierced with a subtle tinge of the scent of untamed fear lurking in the shadows.

Release: Friday the Thirteenth Exclusive May 13, 2016

4 thoughts on “Heliophobia”

  1. This is not a bright green–it’s a sedated, washed-out green with the floral note being that of an old flower, when the scent reaches its crescendo before fading out entirely. The floral fades out after a few minutes on the skin, and what’s left is a musky green scent.

  2. It’s really nice, definitely a magnolia scent, with a dark Sixteen92-ness behind it. The only thing I can really pick out is the magnolia, which is quite strong and waxy, but pleasant and a touch sweet. The back notes remind me a bit of something like vetiver and green notes. After a few hours the “feral musk” comes out, which is dark and slightly salty smelling.

  3. At first I get a very authentic blast of ivy and flowers. Like I was standing outside the doorstep of an ivy covered older home on a hot day. It fades to a sweet smokey musk.

  4. It’s a floral, humid kind of musky scent. The magnolia is strong, but it’s pretty. It really does smell like an abandoned mansion, peeling wallpaper and all. It’s more of a summer scent to me than anything. There’s this sour note that went away with resting. It’s really amazing now and surprisingly wearable.

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