Hessian of the Hollow

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: the headless rider who roams the roads and forests of Sleepy Hollow in search of his missing head. His scent is eerie and wrathful: the haze of smoke from an extinguished lantern; the sudden clatter of horse hooves on frozen ground; charred wood and distant fire; ashes and bone; iron shrapnel; and the chill of night air in a moonless forest, still damp from autumn rain.

Released: Friday the Thirteenth Exclusive October 13, 2017


4 thoughts on “Hessian of the Hollow”

  1. When I first tried this, when it was fresh, it was WAY too mushroom-y for me. It was gross and uncomfortable and funky. Now though, oh wow. The opening is sweet and earthy. As it warms up you get all the other notes, like smoke and ash and petrichor and forest floor. It’s amazing and masculine and a little bit spooky. Very atmospheric and I kind of want to wear it all the time? I honestly can’t tell if it’s better now because it’s rested for a few years or if it’s because my skin chemistry has changed since starting (testosterone) HRT.

  2. If you’ve even seen Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow, that intro scene where they’re riding through an autumn forest in a carriage as the credits play IS this scent. It smells like dark, rainy, autumnal forest covered in mushrooms and fallen trees and dead decaying leaves and spooky fog, smoke drifting from the carriage’s lanterns mixing with the smoke of distant fires and chimneys and ashes for a distinctly sooty edge, a spooky iron chill hinting at the blade that’s coming for your head! This is such a great spooky forest scent and one of my favorites for Halloween time



    This is damp, earthy, MUSHROOMY to open, with a chilly damp stone note in the background. The mushroom calms down a bit over the course of wear, and the smoke warms the blend a tiny bit. The woods become more dominant after a decent few hours. This was too much damp earth on my skin, unfortunately. 10+ hour longevity (seriously, it would not go away) and high throw.

  4. This one starts out by taking me on a walk through a wood, where Jack Frost has recently visited, and smoke from a fire has permeated the air. It becomes more damp and chilly with wear.

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