I Believe in Mary Worth

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: you may also know her as Bloody Mary. Her fragrance is somber and haunting. Soft violet petals tinged with tarnished silver and cold glass, the flicker of candlelight in a dim room, and the terror of an unknown face peering back from the mirror.

Released: Friday the Thirteenth Exclusive January 13, 2017

5 thoughts on “I Believe in Mary Worth”

  1. I know a lot of Sixteen92 scents are meant to be spooky but this one is the first to actually creep me out straight from the bottle. It’s eerily beautiful and waxy with an overall shiny metallic feel. I’d call it a unisex evening scent.

  2. On my skin it starts sweeter, and the violets project as floral up front, while also being cold. It doesn’t smell powdery to me, but also I really like the scent of violets as a floral, and this note feels particularly elegant. I also find it wears well throughout the day.

    While the oil dries down, you get notes of silver, which I didn’t know could be fit into a perfume before this. It’s stunning. It manages to remain chilly while also invoking the feel of candlelight and wax – just the lighting in an overly large and drafty old manor. The sweetness of the violets lingers, but the musk keeps it feeling eerie. Even dried down I find it has a nice amount of projection. Some of S92’s other violets are girly and emphasized by a sharpness, but this one doesn’t feel powdery.

  3. The violet here is a much sweeter, colder violet whereas in Hydromancy it’s a woodier, powdery violet. This scent is intoxicating, it really does have an element of silver tarnished with age and lots of use (like the handle of a silver mirror or brush), combined with the tiniest hint of warmth and lots of fuzziness of melting wax.

  4. Cold. The violets are prominent as well as whatever the “silver” and “glass” notes are. Very evocative and atmospheric.

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