I Saw Goody Proctor With The Devil

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: Smoky dragon’s blood, Champaka flower, exotic spices, ancient spellbooks, and a smouldering cauldron.

6 thoughts on “I Saw Goody Proctor With The Devil”

  1. On my skin, this opens up as straight up powder, very similar to how Obsession develops on my skin.
    However, thankfully, as it dries, it quickly leaves behind any powder l, and turns into a smokey incense and slightly spicy soap. This is a very pleasant and warm combination on my skin.
    The sillage on this is minimal and stays quite close to my skin through the duration, but the longevity is fairly good at about 8 hours.
    As the fragrance wears on, the incense note retreats to the background, and the spicy yet soapy smell comes to the front.
    This is the best part on me, when the spices take over. There is still a bit of sweet smokiness, but this develops into a spicy sophisticated smell on me…very warm and attractive.
    It stays in this spicy and clean territory for the duration. My husband says it smells very pleasant and clean.
    My husband also tried this, and from the wet notes to the dry down and to the end, all we could smell was incense…a sharp and astringent kind. It never really developed on him, and you really couldn’t smell it on him after a couple of hours.
    Definitely suited me better.

  2. So I ordered some spell goods from a local witch and when I went to her home to pick them up this is what her home smelled like. This is dark and witchy and gothic. It starts off strong with dragons blood and champaka, and fades to a comforting book smell, maybe your book of shadows that has been spilled on a few times.

  3. On me, this always smelled like straight incense. I got no other notes. It was too much for me, so I destashed it.

  4. When I first got it, it smelled so similar to Salem. I’m getting a lot of incense, probably the dragon’s blood, and something that smells like nag champa. Then a little later I get pages and smoke. Which is wild. This is so wonderful. It smells like a witch with a flower tucked behind her hair, wanting to brew up a spell in a library, trying to find the right one in all the dusty spellbooks.

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