Kuro Lolita

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: Black sandalwood, burning resins, straw, porcelain, delicate lace, wet stone, fog, wind-blown leaves.

Released: Limited Edition Halloween 2016

6 thoughts on “Kuro Lolita”

  1. On me, very sandalwood forward. Slightly resinous but in an understated way – this isn’t a rich incense scent, it’s much more delicate than that – however, the resins add a little sweetness, and on occasion this scent can be too sweet for me, especially when combined with the nuttiness of the sandalwood. This element is also more apparent to me in the EDP version, whereas the oil smells ‘smoother’ to me and the atmospherics have more of a chance to make themselves known. Chilling the sandalwood are some delicate notes of petrichor and autumn leaves, making it more atmospheric and balancing the warmth of the sandalwood. Overall, almost a nutty sandalwood with gentle sweet resins and atmospheric leaves/petrichor. Really unique, 6-8hr longevity (though mostly rainy sandalwood in the later stages), definitely worth a try if you enjoy autumnal scents or sandalwood.

  2. Kuro Lolita has long been an HG of mine, it’s just an insanely gorgeous atmospheric that really evokes a rainy, foggy, chilly walk on wet cobblestone, a chill Autumn breeze blowing dead leaves in the air as a mysterious and melancholy Victorianesque woman makes her way somewhere, the scent of gentle resinous incense clinging to her fine lace, with the scent of some delicate mineral porcelain somewhere in there. Some people say it smells musty to them – I can see how it could read that way depending on how the notes amp differently on different people, to me it just emphasizes the foggy rainy quality of the scent.

  3. This is the scent that made me realise that I don’t like sandalwood :/ It’s pretty sandalwood-heavy for me. I LOVED the notes of stone and lace, but the sandalwood was too overpowering for that. I’m a gourmand gal so this was pretty out of my comfort zone, but unfortunately, it didn’t work out. It’s objectively pretty though!

  4. This one starts out with a resinous dark sandalwood. It has a sweetness to it that almost leans apple-like. The wet stone is there in the background. With wear the thick resinous quality thins out to a lighter scent, like leaves or windswept linens.

  5. It’s much milder and closer to the skin than expected, I had to put on quite a bit. Comes across to me as cool & dry resinous incense, I like it but don’t love it, and it makes a nice skin scent.

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