La Llorna

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: Bulgarian and Egyptian rose absolute, pink and white pepper, pink grapefruit, wisteria, cashmere wood, pale amber.

3 thoughts on “La Llorna”

  1. One of my favourites from Sixteen92, this is fresh red roses with pepper. It’s a spicy floral, makes me think of a dark oil painting of roses. Really love it!

  2. I wanted a peppery rose floral – unfortunately, I got a very delicate hothouse floral with a lot of pepper. Green pepper, as if you were slicing one up to put in a chilli. This was, sadly, not what I was hoping for. I do have a friend who loves this for its peppery rosiness, so perhaps this can be put down to the weirdness of ‘skin chemistry’. Sometimes white amber smells like cucumbers on me, so I can imagine that might be one source of the salad strangeness.

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