Last Exit For The Lost

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: Orchard apples, woven wood baskets, dried hay, distant chimney smoke on cool air.

Released: Fall 2015

10 thoughts on “Last Exit For The Lost”

  1. Unfortunately I think I amped the apples or something in Last Exit and on me it smelled awful. It was all mushy overripe apples and smoke in a weird way that smelled almost like wet half-smoked cigarrettes or something.

  2. I have had this rest for 3 days so far. At first this is a very realistic apple scent, think of apple juice but no sugar added with a slight tang to it. I don’t personally get hay or smoke so far from resting but after a few hours the wood comes out.

  3. This is a very realistic apple scent, it reminds me of apple juice, but don’t think of a sugary apple juice, thing of like a “no sugar added” apple juice with a slight tang an bitterness. I don’t get hay or smoke personally (althought it has only rested for 3 days) but after a few hours the wood comes out and mixes with the apple.

  4. The apple and hay combination work to make a forest/moss type of scent on my skin. It is lovely and long wearing. The apple doesn’t come through in sharp notes, instead is a delightful blend of autumnal outdoors.

  5. Last Exit for the Lost started my apple craze in indie perfumes, but I haven’t found anything that quite lives up to its awesomeness (although Arcana’s Apples Crave Terror comes close). It’s a stretching expanse of apple orchards, green and red apples ripe enough to occasionally fall to the ground as a wind carrying the scent of bonfires, chimney smoke, and hay wafts through the leaves and wood. It’s so addictive!

  6. If you are anything like me, apple notes can lean aftershave-like. This oil unfortunately does what most do – and after a half hour of wood and hay, the aftershave scent takes over for the duration of the longevity.

    1. I have a similar experience. It starts out well like green apples, but the base notes amp more and more until it smells like a mens perfume, but not a good one. Too bad because I love the song it’s named after.

  7. Fresh apple and dry, dusty hay with a light woodsmoke in the background. My skin amps smoke and incense up like nobodies business (Baba Yaga was so strong on me that I stank out a car and we had to evacuate it) but this one stays cheerfully in place.

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