Le Demi-Monde

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: Gardenia petal, Mailette lavender, oakmoss, soft suede opera gloves, chilled champagne.

Released: Spring 2017

4 thoughts on “Le Demi-Monde”

  1. This is predominantly suede and waxy, sweet gardenia on me, giving off a smooth and sophisticated impression. The champagne or lavender aren’t very present as individual notes for me, but the overall feel I get from this is a smooth, waxy/buttery gardenia with soft suede and a very understated musk underneath. I can only assume the lavender and champagne are giving the gardenia a tiny bit of brightness and opening up the scent, though overall it’s very smooth-smelling to me. Moderate throw, 6+ hr longevity.

  2. Swoonworthy. On my skin, the suede is most dominant – super smooth, expensive suede that is just intoxicating to smell. I do get a chilly quality to the whole thing and just the slightest refined undercurrent of alcohol to invoke the champagne note, makes me think of being at a swanky outdoor party on a cold January night. The rest of the scent is just a gorgeous cloud of buttery gardenia and mysterious earthy oakmoss with just a touch of refined herbal lavender to keep things from being too heavy. Man this scent is so amazing!

  3. For some reason I thought I wouldn’t like this one but it is lovely! It has the perfect amount of throw for me. I mostly get gardenia, suede and champange, but it is such a lovely smelling blend. It kindof sits in the air around you but doesn’t feel like its hanging in the air like the funeral flower note in My Whole Life is a Dark Room (if that makes sense).

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