Le Demi-Monde

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: Gardenia petal, Mailette lavender, oakmoss, soft suede opera gloves, chilled champagne.

Released: Spring 2017

6 thoughts on “Le Demi-Monde”

  1. This is very well crafted, all the notes weave in and out, complex. I’m not a big fan of suede (even though this is a nice one) or else I would love it

  2. A whiff from the bottle this smells like waxy white floral and some sort of stone note not listed here. On the skin, this is definitely waxy gardenia, and god, maybe it’s the suede and oakmoss commingling, but damn, it smells like there’s a damp stone note in here somewhere. It’s weird. Honestly, it smells like hairspray and I don’t enjoy it. Maybe a good, long resting will help.

  3. This is predominantly suede and waxy, sweet gardenia on me, giving off a smooth and sophisticated impression. The champagne or lavender aren’t very present as individual notes for me, but the overall feel I get from this is a smooth, waxy/buttery gardenia with soft suede and a very understated musk underneath. I can only assume the lavender and champagne are giving the gardenia a tiny bit of brightness and opening up the scent, though overall it’s very smooth-smelling to me. Moderate throw, 6+ hr longevity.

  4. Swoonworthy. On my skin, the suede is most dominant – super smooth, expensive suede that is just intoxicating to smell. I do get a chilly quality to the whole thing and just the slightest refined undercurrent of alcohol to invoke the champagne note, makes me think of being at a swanky outdoor party on a cold January night. The rest of the scent is just a gorgeous cloud of buttery gardenia and mysterious earthy oakmoss with just a touch of refined herbal lavender to keep things from being too heavy. Man this scent is so amazing!

  5. For some reason I thought I wouldn’t like this one but it is lovely! It has the perfect amount of throw for me. I mostly get gardenia, suede and champange, but it is such a lovely smelling blend. It kindof sits in the air around you but doesn’t feel like its hanging in the air like the funeral flower note in My Whole Life is a Dark Room (if that makes sense).

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