Le Tout-Paris

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: Stephanotis, orange flower water, ambergris (vegan), wisteria vine, Rose Otto, vanilla orchid, cashmere musk.

Released: Circle Exclusive 2016

2 thoughts on “Le Tout-Paris”

  1. Yep, that’s orange blossom alright! Fuzzy, white, sweet – that most delicate and feminine of white florals. The wisteria melds into this, leaving a fluffy, encompassing floral ‘top’ of the perfume. Underneath, grounding the hyper-feminine sweetness, is a delectable unisex base of ambergris and musk. A little salty, a little skin-like, it pulls the florals down from their heady heights and adds some sophisticated sultriness. I find this to be quite classic-smelling, and unlike anything else I’ve tried from S92. Medium throw, 5+ hr longevity.

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