Lucy Westenra

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: Brugmansia flower, night-blooming Cereus, oud, guaiacwood, honey, fennel, stone.

Released: Fall 2017

5 thoughts on “Lucy Westenra”

  1. The interplay of honey and fennel (which I adore) was the warmth that made me like this very powerful, almost intimidating fragrance – and honey is usually a death note for me! The fennel calmed its sweetness down, definitely. I also looked up Brugmansia flower because I’d never heard of it, and discovered its scent has a lemony nuance to it – which is accurate, because in the dry down I did detect a hint of lemon. The stone accord smelled like cold sandalwood, to my nose. I wouldn’t say this fragrance evolved through different stages from an established beginning to an end, though; it was more like a circle, consistently returning to different points throughout its life (at least 6 hours).

  2. Haven’t worn this one in a couple years and forgot how lovely it is. Cool, airy, honey sweet white floral. It has an almost misty and salty tones to it, but it’s not aquatic. Haunting and feminine.

  3. On my skin it’s predominantly an intoxicating honeyed-floral grounded by a realistic stone note. I can picture walking through a dreamlike garden, dimly lit by a chartreuse colored haze.

    Poetic descriptions aside, it’s lightly sweet and smells almost fizzy for the first hour or so. I’d say the website description of “an ethereal and haunting green floral” is pretty spot on. The fennel note is also fairly light if you don’t care for anise/licorice adjacent notes, but it’s there. Despite being a fall fragrance this is suitable for year round wear. There’s nothing about it that really screams fall to me besides the association with Dracula. One of my favorites!

  4. At first the honey was most prominent, with a background of florals. The fennel made the honey less sticky sweet and more like a pasteurized honey smell. With a few hours wear it sits fairly close to the skin with an oudy stoney smell with very light honey left over.

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