Master of Fright

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: Pale bone musk, tobacco, blackened sandalwood, warm spices, pumpkin flesh, petrichor, melted snow.

Released: Limited Edition Holiday Trio 2016

3 thoughts on “Master of Fright”

  1. Mostly fuzzy sandalwood with some vegetal pumpkin and understated spices. It’s more unisex and laid-back than pumpkin spice scents, with a sort of atmospheric element to it, though still quite ‘warm’ smelling from the spiced sandalwood.

  2. Wonderful, masculine perfume. On me, I smell the musk, spices, and petrichor. My husband’s chemistry amplifies the pumpkin flesh, musk, and sandalwood. A winner.

  3. This scent leans more masculine than I usually wear. There is a sharp cinnamon note upon initial application that mellows over time. The pumpkin flesh is fresh and realistic. I don’t wear this often but it’s nice to have around when I’m in the mood to feel confident and sexy.

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