Mexican Hot Chocolate

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, Mexican vanilla, cinnamon sugar & spicy pink & black pepper, topped with whipped cream.

Released: Holiday 2014

2 thoughts on “Mexican Hot Chocolate”

  1. True to name — smells like spicy hot chocolate. I can distinctly smell the milk and dark chocolate, which take turns being dominant; I also get cinnamon and something that smells like cardamom, the pepper, and sugar. After a while, it fades into a spicy chocolate bar. This was my first indie perfume :))

  2. Opens like a spiced chocolate cakes then heads into cocoa territory & gradually gets to a milky chocolate. Not overly spiced which I like very cosy & gourmand liked this so much I got 2 x 10 mls in the holiday 2017 release.

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