Mina Harker

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: Cold jasmine tea, ripe plum, black violets, pale skin musk.

Released: Fall 2017

5 thoughts on “Mina Harker”

  1. This is strong at first, a bit jasmine-heavy, but settles down to something really delicate and lovely. It genuinely smells cold! The plum adds just the lightest stain of sweet-tart juice to keep it grounded as it tries to flit away like a shy spirit. Something like this usually isn’t in my wheelhouse at all, and the jasmine isn’t quite light enough to let the tea shine through on me (I’ve yet to find a jasmine tea fragrance that does, so it’s probably a me-thing), but I’m still reluctant to let go of my sample.

  2. Mina somehow smells like a deep, soft purple, if the scent had a color. The fruit and floral notes are well balanced (Claire’s plum note is everything) but the jasmine tea is the most prominent on my skin. The tea note actually smells cold too. The scent has a bit of a reserved but sensual vibe, with a gauzy musk making an appearance on the dry-down. IMO it’s suitable as a year round fragrance and holds up fairly well in warmer weather.

  3. Let me say first that I love jasmine tea. I love floral jasmine. I love green tea. But Mina starts off obnoxious, to my nose: too powdery, not quite animalic but holy potent jasmine, Batman! and smells a little stale? But after she settles in a bit, she’s more ghostly and delicate. I don’t particularly pick up the plum.

  4. I don’t know what I expected but this exceeds that lol. It’s musky and feminine and strange and lovely all at once. The iris root is more prominent at first, and the carnations are more prominent with wear.

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