Never Trust the Living

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: ceremonial resins, tea leaves, stone statues, graveyard dirt, ectoplasm, weathered books, attic dust, autumn foliage.

Released: Limited Edition Halloween 2017

3 thoughts on “Never Trust the Living”

  1. Sweet and incense-y, slightly tea-ish and warm. I’m usually fairly so-so about incense-y blends because I either get bored of them or they’re too much, but this is moderate to me. The impression I get with this is like a “rusty orange” color for some reason haha. There is also a slight hint of paper, similar to Paper Moon. This is definitely a fall scent.

  2. Quite similar to Liber Officiorum Spirituum on me, sans the leather and plus some tea. Sweet resins with the brightness of tea and something a tiny bit like wet leaves in there calming down the sweetness. Later on, it’s less bright (though still sweet and resinous) and some more of those papery atmospheric notes are apparent.

  3. This is perfect and everything I imagined it would be. Being a huge Beetlejuice fan I really hoped it would be a keeper. It starts out as resiny incense, not strong, maybe like the remains a while after some sort of ceremony has been performed. It is cool and musty and wild, like an attic overrun with foliage that has grown through cracks in the siding. This fades to a comforting book scent.

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