One Good Scare

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: Glowing jack-o-lanterns, charred marshmallows, roasted pumpkin seeds, falling leaves, campfire smoke.

Released: Halloween 2017

8 thoughts on “One Good Scare”

  1. Opens up with a vegetal pumpkin note and roasted pumpkin seeds, didn’t smell much sweetness or smoke from this. Later on it smells sweeter and the roasted aspect of the scent disappears as it becomes more mellow. Though I liked the later dry down I’m not sure if I like the opening for a while, so may destash.

  2. I just put this on for the first time today and I think it’s my new favourite. I find it similar to Alkemia’s Pumpkin Strumpet but 100x better. I didn’t know I could love a scent this instantly.

  3. Actual fleshy, gourd-y pumpkin and the realistic scent of roasted pumpkin seeds combined with the sort of brittle greenness of dead falling leaves, a perfectly roasted marshmallow (but not too sweet), and gentle wisps of smoke that aren’t too strong for people that don’t like smoke.

  4. This one actually smells like the flesh and seeds of a pumpkin, rather than the pumpkin spice latte/generic fall candle scent territory that pumpkin notes can occasional veer into. The marshmallow note adds a bit of sweetness to keep it from being overly savory, and I can detect the smoke and leaves without them being too much. Cutting open pumpkins on a crisp fall day, roasting marshmallows by a small campfire. Average sillage and longevity.

  5. Odd opening kind of vegetal but not unpleasant. Moves quickly along to the smoke & sweet marshmallow which is gorgeous & addictive. Moderate performance & longevity

  6. This is the fall fragrance I’ve been dreaming about! Sugary and pumpkiny and smokey all at once!
    This is one that makes me huff at my wrists all day. It starts out with pumpkin as most prominent, and with wear it smells like smores with a campfire.

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