Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: Aldehydes, ozone, bergamot, yuzu, gardenia, dark labdanum, vetiver, fossilized amber resin, opium.

4 thoughts on “Rei”

  1. This is a whole slew of things I enjoy, but too many at once, and it ends up being a bit of a disaster. The fossilized amber and labdanum is very strong in the bottle and kind of sets the tone with its woody-resin scent, while everything else (but mostly the yuzu and aldehydes) kind of muddles around on top of it in a weird floral mess. The overall effect is that of a fancy perfume spilled on freshly-varnished wood and it’s really not working for me.

  2. I may just need to let this one age a bit, but my skin ate this up almost completely. It started out like ozoney cuticle oil, with wear I can sortof smell amber and yuzu? Idk it’s pretty faint

  3. A major fail for me. Something went wonky on my skin and gave me an immediate headache. It was overpoweringly floral and sharp. I couldn’t wash it off, either.

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