Sacre Coeur

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: Frankincense, elemi resin, ambrette, bois de rose (Rosewood), cistus labdanum, leather, vanilla, Roman Chamomile, orris root, birch tar.

Released: Winter 2014

2 thoughts on “Sacre Coeur”

  1. The smoky birch tar is strong (which is great because it’s my favorite part of the scent), alongside a deep supple suede-y leather and the fuzzy church-like incense quality of frankincense and elemi. Alongside those are a beautiful rosewood (makes me think of church pews, the pulpit), and meditative herbal woody qualities from the chamomile, ambrette, orris, labdanum. A single church in a clearing in the dead of winter, warm lights twinkling within, a well-loved fireplace churning out smoke.

  2. Sexy, sultry, quite unique. Starts out all smoky birch tar, dry papery orris. Over time, it settles into a sultry, leathery skinlike scent with hints of warm, resinous woodsiness. Definitely on the ‘weirder’ side, this is woodsy resins made into a sultry musk. A dark, dry woodsy fragrance with a generous kick of soft leather.

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