Four Fifty-One

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: Paper, Kerosene, Ash, Night Sky, Burned Flowers

Released: Summer 2018

2 thoughts on “Four Fifty-One”

  1. My skin really loves to amp the kerosene on this. The first time I wore it I only used one dab and distributed it between both wrists but I heard comments all day like, “Is something burning?” or, ” Does anyone smell lighter fluid?” I held off wearing it again for a long time because I didn’t love making people concerned for their safety. It is about 5 months later and the kerosene has mellowed considerably but it’s still the most prominent note. The paper and ash come through now too but no night sky or burned flowers for me. I love it though, it’s one of the weirdest perfumes I have ever smelled and I’m a huge fan of odd perfumes.

    1. Reviewing this from the EDP spray format: Starts our with with a very strong oudy note – not sure if it’s actual oud or just a mixture of the kerosene/ash/burning notes. Almost smells a bit like burning rubber or tar. I do get a bit of flower in the background, similar to the florals in Bridget Bishop (i.e. they are just supporting notes – I cannot pick out anything individually) definitely one of the stronger Sixteen92 offerings and and interesting choice for a Summer release. Very interesting and indeed atmospheric.

      Root Chakra

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