It’s History, It’s Poetry

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: Tobacco, Whisky, Polished Wood, Typewriter Ink, City Sidewalk, Carousel Lights in the Rain

Released: Summer 2018

2 thoughts on “It’s History, It’s Poetry”

  1. This is classic Sixteen92 atmospheric. Tobacco and whisky for sure, with the some damp stone-ish-ness that’s very likely city sidewalks and carousel lights in the rain. It’s a good, well-crafted scent. It’s damp cement with the tobacco and whisky adding just a little bit of… sweetness? warmth? to it. The polished wood is there too, coming out on the skin. Beautiful.

  2. For me, this is like the masculine version of Kuro Lolita and I adore it. On me, it’s gritty rainy city sidewalks amping up to 11 with an intoxicating corner of whisky, ink, and tobacco haze. I imagine an exceptionally nice and old polished wooden desk, many freshly typed pages beside a typewriter, a glass of excellent whisky and a quality cigar being lit for the first time, and a window mottled with raindrops distorted the twinkling of city and carousel lights outside, cracked slightly open to let in the rainy air.

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