Southern Gothic

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: Mandarin, apple, natural coconut pulp, magnolia grandiflora, sambac jasmine, sweet balsam, white sandalwood.

7 thoughts on “Southern Gothic”

  1. I was surprised that it almost smelled like beignets to me! I wasn’t expecting that given the description. One of my top 5 from sixteen92 for sure.

  2. Hotel soap. If it were a colour, it would be white or very pale green. It was relentlessly clean and sterile and almost made my nose hurt. Almost spooky in it’s intense cleanness. I gave my sample to a family friend who embodies both ‘spooky’ and ‘relentlessly clean’ and it’s almost her signature scent now. On her, it still smells like soap, but very nice soap, like, posh soap you’d use if you stayed at the classiest of 5* hotels.

  3. A gorgeous fruity floriental with a warm sandalwood base. This is sparklingly zesty, floral and woody with some creamy coconut to ground it. It’s so bright and uplifting. Sweet, but not cloying. I will be getting a full size for spring because this is the ideal sultry but bright scent for warm days and hot nights. I would highly recommend resting this one for 3 weeks to a month – it smelled like grandma soap when I first tried it but it became so much nicer with time

  4. Sweet, bright floral. Leans slightly warm just like a hot sticky day in the south but in a nice way. Has mainstream appeal but is unique enough to be one of my favorites.

  5. for me, this is a very fruity, summery scent. the most prevalent note on my skin is the coconut pulp, and it’s not the super overbearing artificial coconut you get from most coconut scented things. it’s very creamy and is accented well by the mandarin and apple. i don’t really smell much sandalwood, but i’m not really mad about it since sandalwood can go really poorly with my skin. all in all, a lovely, fruity scent that is a definite mood elevator.

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