Cruel Summer

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: Beach rock, hot sand, warm palm fronds, sunblock, salt, rum

Released: Summer 2019

6 thoughts on “Cruel Summer”

  1. This is a beach scent without any quintessential ~tropical~ notes such as pineapple or coconut, although the sunblock note is definitely coconut-scented. There’s nothing sweet about this scent; it’s blazing hot white sand and dried, salty sweat. It’s so well blended I’m not sure my nose is good enough to pick up any of the individual notes. It’s better on the skin than in the vial, and I want to say the sunblock is the standout note, although there’s something that reads green to me that’s likely the palm fronds.

  2. Perfect summer scent in a bottle. Without looking at the notes, my guess was: a warm sun-kissed skin, a touch of fruity lemonade with a hint of a salty breeze. The only way I could’ve missed the rock and sand notes is that it’s so well blended. I’m very picky about summery perfumes but this one is just so good.

  3. Without looking at the notes, I identified this as lemonade as dirt. The scent stays relatively the same throughout, but the dirtiness gets stronger while the other part fades slightly. Looking at the notes, I am definitely smelling the rocks for the ‘dirt’ and possibly the sunblock + rum as lemonade.

  4. Somehow this smells pretty much exactly like my skin and hair smells after roasting myself on the beach all day (maybe minus my sweat). I don’t really get any green, but it does smell just like hot rocks and sand with a hint of sunscreen and something fruity.

  5. This is an amazing summer scent. I feel like I’m in a wham music video when I smell like this. The sunblock is so realistic and the atmospheric ocean smells meld together so well. There’s a hint of green in this but not overwhelming at all. It’s so bright and fun.

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