Youth Gone Wild

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: New vinyl records, warm night air, polished arcade wood, burned rubber

Released: Summer 2019

3 thoughts on “Youth Gone Wild”

  1. Wet, this is definitely more atmospheric than wearable, in my opinion. The burned rubber note is strong, and all of the other notes are there, too. There’s not really one I don’t get in concept. If you combined Solstice Scents Midnight Marquee and It’s History. It’s Poetry., you might get a scent similar to this one. On the skin, however, I was surprised to find that it is very wearable. One of the notes goes on a little sweeter, maybe it’s just my skin chemistry, but it really makes it more accessible to me in everyday wear.

  2. Agree with the polished wood, amost like cleaning fluid. My dh says is smells like marine epoxy!
    What’s funny about this is Skid Row recorded this album in the next town over from me where my bff and I roamed the boulevard all summer long and we often saw them in the arcade!

  3. This also might be my favorite from this collection, it’s competing with Shout at the Devil. This is so SPOT ON! Like absurdly so. My first thought it bowling alley.. straight from the polished wood floors, to the squeaking shoes when you slide, to the musty arcade carpet with the pinball machines chirping away. This is wonderful. It truly reminds me of summer as a kid in the roller rink, record shop, or arcade.

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