The Awakening

Brad: Sixteen92

Scent Description:Ocean air, dark water, damp mosses, gulf mud, saltwater taffy

Released: General Catalogue

6 thoughts on “The Awakening”

  1. My brain or my nose is weird. Do you remember (at least, maybe UK folks will) that viral photo of a seagull that fell in a vat of curry? This is what this smells like. Dirty seawater at low tide, funky seaweed-drying-in-the-sun stank and…curry? Not good curry, but very much curry – curry powder, turmeric, unnamed herbs and spices, garlic, onion, maybe it’s been sitting around a while… Seriously. Curry. But, as much as, living in the land of the tikka and the vindaloo, I’m not adverse to a curry, I don’t want to smell like one, especially one which has started to sweat and go bad, and then some maniac has stirred stagnant saltwater and old seaweed into it… Sadly, I feel very ungrateful as this was a free sample, but this is the one perfume I considered so unpleasant that I threw it out. I still don’t know how or why it smelled like curry.

  2. I’m pretty surprised reading the notes. On me, this was all ocean water (not too salty) and dirty moss, which mostly smelled like greenery. It was mostly a dark, dirty scent.

  3. Hmm, was hoping for murk, got bright sunny seaside whilst eating vanilla flavoured baked goods. Although this was not what I was hoping for, it’s a perfect, quirky summer scent.

  4. It starts out as salty saltwater taffy on me. After a few hours it becomes a sort of muddy, salty scent. It makes me think of a saltwater pond near the ocean, rather than of the ocean itself (or of the beach). Or of a swamp of sorts (I’m from the south so I don’t really know cold beaches, this is the best my mind comes up with).

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