The Bell Witch

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: Sweet cider barrels, orchard wood, blond tobacco leaf, cave and forest moss, glowing pumpkin, dry leaves, turned earth.

Released: Halloween 2016

6 thoughts on “The Bell Witch”

  1. I cannot wear this; it is very strong. The moss scent is overwhelming and reminds me of mold and decay, while the faint hint of apples only serves to nauseate me by reminding me of moldy food. As it ages it only grows worse. A year ago, I used to be able to enjoy it on rainy days but now it has taken over. If I ever doubt my memory and unscrew the cap, a trace of it is left on my finger for hours, until I scrub it.

  2. This scent is so true to it’s description, it’s amazing. It reminds me a lot of Shadow Show with the subtle apple mixed into a realistic atmospheric except Shadow Show has more sweetness and grit from the oil and metal. The Bell Witch is all natural woody, earthy fall vibes. It’s like walking through a small apple orchard that also grows pumpkins. It reminds me of my great grandparents house around fall. This may be worthy of a full size.

  3. Strong cider opening, but quickly falls into a strong wet old wood note that is really unpleasant for me. It’s downright bitter. I get a little pumpkin and tobacco (similar to Jack and the Devil from Solstice Scents) with cider after about an hour, but that awful wood scent keeps coming back.

  4. The Bell Witch is one of the best autumnal perfumes I’ve ever worn. The cider, woods, and tobacco are the most prominent notes, and the apple is a fresh, crisp, Granny Smith-type apple. Not a candied or spiced apple.

  5. The opening is cider and spiced pumpkin. The wood and tobacco follow along with some sort of earthiness. I think it’s the cider smell that I don’t like. The apple is weird. I don’t even know how to describe it because the apple note fades to the background quickly.

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