The Island of the Dolls

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: Mexican vanilla, dry bergamot, somber rose, dark chocolate, black plum, dense woods, porcelain musk (premium).

Released: Halloween 2016

6 thoughts on “The Island of the Dolls”

  1. Perfumed tootsie rolls. The chocolate note is a little artificial. A review I read described it as a chocolate orange and like, yeah. That’s pretty accurate, but it’s not gourmand if that makes sense. On the skin it’s still kind of tootsie-roll-ish but the roses come out on the dry down, and I like it better than in the vial. Powdery, floral tootsie rolls. Resting did not change this at all.

  2. The Mexican vanilla and rose make sense, with a little bit of the plum & woods, though it was tough to name specific elements of this. Definitely a floral with a little more.

  3. This was a slow burner for me. I love the plum & chocolate opening but wasn’t so enamoured with the dry down. Over time the dry down bothered me less & the beautiful early & mid stages won out & I bought a bottle. I think I’d have anything with her plum note it’s divine.

  4. This is chocolate with a dark rose blooming behind it. After a few hours the musk (?) comes out, which smells a little strange in the blend on me. It’s pretty but there is a bit more vanilla than I would like.

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