The Sound and the Fury

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: Southern sweet tea, Carolina jessamine, balsam, fern, warm skin musk, loam

Released: Spring 2015

6 thoughts on “The Sound and the Fury”

  1. It really does smell like the insanely sweet sun tea that Southerners make (straight from my childhood) and drink on the porch on a sweltering afternoon as lazy breezes blow in the scent of heady jasmine and balsam sap and green ferns. The skin musk adds to the humidity of the scent. It’s a languid, summery, heady scent without being overpowering and it really does fit its description.

  2. Smells great in the bottle and freshly applied, but it has no lasting power on me and I have to apply a LOT to even detect it after it dries down.

  3. At first the sweet tea is quite fragrant, mixing a bit with the floral and making me think a little bit of a very light jasmine scent. With wear it becomes musky and the balsam is more apparent. This sits very close to the skin and didn’t get as much wear time for me compared to other S92 scents (4-5hrs vs usual 6-8hrs)

  4. The Sound and the Fury is a really pretty scent. The sweet tea sweetens everything slightly, and last a long time on me. There is a bit of a floral scent at first, but that is sweetened by the tea and fades after a little while. There is a nice earthiness to the scent with the balsam & loam (I think that’s what causes the nice scent in the drydown.) The drydown is rather majestic (That’s the only way I can describe it). It reminds me of standing in a forest with very impressive trees.

  5. Very pretty, though a tad powdery (maybe the sweet tea?). I like it in spite of that and wear it regularly. Prominent note on my skin is the jessamine followed by the tea.

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