Toasted Marshmallow

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: everyone’s favorite hot chocolate topping, gooey marshmallows lightly toasted over a campfire. Can be worn alone or layered with any of the Holiday fragrances.

Released: Holiday 2014

3 thoughts on “Toasted Marshmallow”

  1. This is basically just gooey marshmallow on me. I don’t get the smoke at all. It’s still pleasant and sweet, a nice, uncomplicated marshmallow scent.

  2. Lovely toasted marshmallow opening very realistic but moves on to a sweet powdery marshmallow vanilla quite fast. Soft Cody & comforting but quite light more a skin scent really.

  3. The smokiness is pretty light, you’d have to go close to the skin to smell it.The marshmallow is definitely not overly sweet and would be a great layering note. The scent dissipates fairly quickly for me unfortunately.

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