Vlad Dracul

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: Carpathian fir needle, red cedar, black amber, black patchouli, scorched earth, opium, blood musk.

Released: Fall 2017

7 thoughts on “Vlad Dracul”

  1. I love it. If Vlad Dracula was my boyfriend this is what I guess he would smell like. It’s a bit too masculine for me and smells very woody and a little smoky. Very very good. Trying to trick my husband into wearing it.

  2. This is like Cotton Mather’s Northern relative, in my opinion. It’s very woodsy, but without the sweetness of CM that comes with the herbs and helichrysum. Slightly sharper, with the fir needles and opium. The blood musk and amber add nice warmth and depth. It’s really masculine and beautiful.

  3. This has a very juicy, liquidy smell at first-but not sweet. In drydown, I get balsamy and patchouli scent with something animalic and almost a little armpitty but not in a bad way. Fierce warrior. May need a full size.

  4. Musky balsam, dirt (patchouli + something else), and amber with a hint of smoky opium. Surprisingly light and unisex. I genuinely don’t consider this a ‘dark’ or ‘spooky’ scent at all.

  5. This is a new fave, will seriously consider a full size. It started off with patchouli laced cedar/fir woods. Musk slowly wafts in with wear. A scorched wood smell comes in after a few hours of wear and burns slowly in the background.

  6. The first thing I sniff is the black patchouli and I love it! Sixteen92’s patch note is one of my favorites. Then I’m getting the smell of pine, but not on the tree. It’s more the scent of pine needles after they’ve been crushed and buried in dirt. There’s also an underlying muskiness to it. It’s very spooky and masculine.

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