Walking in Winter

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: Fir needle, hemlock, soft snow, pale woods, delicate mint, frost-blanketed leaves, cold metal, distant hearthsmoke.

Released: Winter 2015

4 thoughts on “Walking in Winter”

  1. It’s this cuddly, delicate, endlessly soft fuzzy mint scent with evergreen needles, still snow-blanketed woods and leaves, beautiful tendrils of inoffensive smoke just barely lacing underneath, and an overall cold sensation with an ozonic silvery touch from the metal. How this scent manages to capture the coldness of a snowy winter is just so fascinating to me.

  2. Oh, this fragrance. (sigh) I love this. It’s a very moody, atmospheric scent. I feel utterly alone in a cozy cabin during a snowstorm in the middle of the woods when I wear it. I get slightly creepy/forlorn vibes when I wear it, but it’s beautiful.

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