You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out!

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: Spiced cocoa, firewood, bayberry, warm shortbread, ovaltine, buttered rum, deep snow, I can’t put my arms down!

Released: Holiday 2017

7 thoughts on “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out!”

  1. I get sweet, powdery chocolate, buttered cookies, and warm rum. Wears very close to the skin and very comforting. I don’t get any berry or spices. It’s a pure chocolate note.

  2. This starts off with the ovaltine and spiced cocoa being the most prominent notes, but then the bayberry shows up, takes over, and really doesn’t go well with the other notes at all. This was a fail for me, but I am not fond of scents that are strong on berry notes.

  3. It smells a lot like a powdered hot chocolate with a fruity note (bayberry, I assume) and something else that’s a little cozy – I can’t put my finger on it exactly. I don’t particularly like this one, since I find fruit + chocolate pretty gross.

  4. The combination of mint, cocoa, and berry was a bit unpleasant altogether for me, I think I’d have liked it better without the fruitiness.

  5. Opens with the spiced cocoa, the bayberry following & actually dominating the perfume on me. Love the ovaltine & shortbread. This was a big hit for me so I got a 10 ml

  6. I really like this one. The minty cocoa fades into a stronger cocoa once it dries, that does really smell like ovaltine. A few minutes later, the cocoa recedes (though it is still present) and a seasonal berry scent emerges. I think it must be the bayberry, but it makes me think of a sweeter cranberry. There is also a warm sort of holiday spice. I could almost imagine the spice turning to apples, but not quite.

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