Alley Cat

Brand: Smashing Apothekitty

Scent Description: Free spirited, slightly paranoid, and hungry for tacos, Alley Cat smells like the alley behind your favorite hole-in-the-wall music venue. Grungy nag champa, cannabis, rolled marijuana, absinthe, and smoky inside jokes.

1 thought on “Alley Cat”

  1. This one… I really don’t know why I picked it. Maybe I saw absinthe and ignored everything else? But it’s really really stinky! In the bottle it smelled mostly like nag champa and absinthe so I thought maybe I’ll like it after all. But nope. It’s stinky stinky weed on my skin. When it dries down the other notes come out a little bit more and wow that absinthe note is divine. But I’m not sure I can get past the opening.

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