Brand: Smashing Apothekitty

Scent Description: From the fruitful loins of Mesopotamia. Dragon’s blood, red currant, raspberry, tobacco, chardonnay, and cranberry.

1 thought on “Persian”

  1. I think I picked this one for the currant note. In the bottle it’s straight fruit and I wasn’t sure I was going to like this but OH BOY I was wrong. On the skin this really transforms into something amazing! The red fruits play for dominance and eventually the currant takes over. The chardonnay scent is delicious and amazing. It’s a little sparkling and smooth. It’s not a fermented grape note like some wine notes. The tobacco and dragon’s blood provide a wonderful base for everything. I could still smell remnants of this on my skin over twelve hours later. This ended up being my favorite of the bunch! I might need a full size one day.

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