Can’t Go To Mexico

Brand: Smelly Yeti

Scent Description: Breathing in the hot desert air, you take a sip of your drink. You love these desert nights. A tall Mexican coke with a couple of limes squeezed in, garnished with cactus blossom. You do this every friday, even though it means that you have to send the limes and flower through the decontamination chamber every time. Does the cactus flower really add all that much? Maybe not, but you feel fancy and you like feeling fancy. The desert air is suddenly agitated, blowing the cactus blossom into your eyes. as you pull it away and squint against the sand, you see a row of lights blinking in the distance. Aluminum panels and steam. Taking a step closer, you get out your phone and open up Snapchat. “Enrique’s gonna love this.”

1 thought on “Can’t Go To Mexico”

  1. This isn’t a super fizzy scent to my nose, but the Mexican Coke with lime definitely comes through. What I’m assuming is the cactus flower note is light and green. This is not a super-sweet, syrupy scent, and it has a dry quality, which makes it nice for warmer weather.

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