Captain Peroxide

Brand: Smelly Yeti

Scent Description: Spike. Dirty leather coat, smoky tobacco, bleached hair, with a soft spot for a certain slayer. He may act tough, but at the heart of it all he’s a marshmallow. Red Egyptian musk gives it a smooth finish and a distinctive bloody coloring. This is the scent that has it all. Sweet but dingy. Smoky and sexy. This perfume is practically bottled pheromones.

Released: The Hellmouth Collection

2 thoughts on “Captain Peroxide”

  1. This is one of my all time favorite indies, and the only one I have a backup bottle of since Smelly Yeti closed doors (hopefully not forever). I think it smells kind of like clean ash from burning incense, but not like incense itself. It’s like a very soft round smoke with an occasional slightly sour leather twinge.

  2. This is spot on, and I now understand the hype behind this scent. On me it starts out with smokey sweet tobacco with a bit of leather. With wear it gets musky and smooth.

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