Dame It

Brand: Smelly Yeti

Scent Description: Bulgarian rose, violet, lily of the valley, and a bouquet of delicate florals, peppered with hints of lime, Bartlett pear, and bergamot. The ultimate in classic perfuming. Looking at the notes, you might think that it sounds like a gross old lady perfume. But don’t be fooled, we here at Smelly Yeti are too classy for that. Feminine.

Released: Cinema Scents

1 thought on “Dame It”

  1. This is a lovely light floral, rather fruity and springlike. I don’t really detect any of the florals as being particularly stronger than the others, which is odd as I normally amp violet. The rose reminds me a little of the rose notes in Ouran, and this one is similar to that one in several ways. It’s rather sweet as well.

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