Brand: Smelly Yeti

Scent Description: This fairy may seem harmless, but beware – it has a venemous bite. Pink peppered strawberries and dark blackcurrants, infused with a burst of fresh ginger and lightly dusted with mocha. Feminine!

Released: Cinema Scents

3 thoughts on “Doxy”

  1. This one is weird. I didn’t get any fruit or ginger at all, just pencil shavings, dust, and something my brain screams is ‘hamster bedding’ and a very artificial, almost vinegary, screechy pepper note. Some of that may be the mocha, but I cannot match what I smell to the scent notes at all – it’s baffling. I have to thank Doxie for making me realise that although I think I love pepper, it may be one of my very, very few headache triggers (I’ve found this with a couple other perfumes too – sometimes pepper is too pepper, sadly) but it could also be something else in SY Perfumes – all of the ones I’ve tried have given me a screaming headache (with the sole exception of Cub Scout) and I am not someone prone to headaches at all let alone scent sensitive headaches. It’s a shame, because SY scents seem lovely, and the customer service was A+ – so remember, YMMV, a lot of people enjoy the brand but sadly it doesn’t work out for me.

  2. This is amazing. BRIGHT berries on the front, lovely black currant note. Then the mocha and ginger come out to add depth. Gorgeous!

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