Brand: Smelly Yeti

Scent Description: Mr. Mayor. It’s a nice title, but have some ambition! It’s the American dream, after all. Work hard, move up in the world, and become a giant demon snake. Oh, and a white picket fence. Can’t forget that! Ascending into a demon requires a lot of energy, or at least a cup of coffee in the morning am I right? And maybe a few of those butterscotch candies. Mmm, mm!

Released: The Hellmouth Collection

3 thoughts on “Gosh”

  1. Wet: Off brand butter scotch candy.
    Dry down (15-30mins): Salt and butter becomes more prominent from the Butterscotch. Also notes of sweet coffee comes through. Gourmand and delicate.

  2. Very, very sweet butterscotch caramel candy, like Werther’s originals, layered over this strange hot metal smell which is 50% organic (but not strictly blood, although it has some blood-like aspect in that it’s organic and very iron-y and warm and if it had a colour it would definitely be the dark brown rust colour of dried blood) and 50% hot metal, maybe with a touch of the clinical, scientific smell of a chemistry lab full of metal and glass and old-school (probably-not-now-safety-compliant) metal Bunsen Burners and metal-mesh tripods that have all been brought to white-hot temperature and are now slowly cooling. It kind of makes me think of tin-foil. Weird. Very weird. Not, for me, pleasant. But body chemistry is a weird thing – I see no reason why anyone else will have the same experience with this one, or maybe caramel + white-hot metal is your jam and you might be lucky and have the same experience as me. I won’t be revisiting this one, as it gave me the worst scent-triggered headache I’ve ever had, although I allowed a friend to take it off my hands and she seems happy with it and has no complaints. I rarely have headaches and even more rarely have scent-related headaches (never had one before this), but this gave me a rare insight into a fraction of what a migraine might be like. Potential headache trigger for some, but hopefully not and others enjoy it more than me!

  3. I didn’t really get any coffee scent, but at first it smelled like fresh baked gingersnaps and now it smells like butterscotch candies. Good through and not overwhelmingly sweet.

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