Not The Bees

Brand: Smelly Yeti

Scent Description: It might actually be more accurate to call this “Yes The Bees” because this perfume is a lovely sweet confection of candied honey and honeysuckle, punctuated by citrus and underscored with smooth vanilla. Nicholas Cage screams not included.

Released: Cinema Scents

5 thoughts on “Not The Bees”

  1. Very, very sweet. I don’t smell any citrus. I wish I did because while I like this a lot it’s a bit cloying and the citrus would brighten it up. This is really great for layering as it blends well with a lot of other scents.

  2. A little bit sweet but mostly powdery, presumably from the honey. Unfortunately, honey does this on my skin sometimes – I think it’s a vegan honey thing. There wasn’t much more to this for me.

  3. This is like taking huge bite of a fresh piece of honeycomb. Delicious!

    No, I did not eat it, though I was tempted…

  4. Unbelievably sweet. As in, very, very, very sweet. I get a bit of honey, and a lot of honeysuckle (which I’m starting to suspect that I’m not a fan of). I haven’t tried it on my skin as other SY scents have given me bad headaches and a few attempts at smelling this in the vial have made me feel headache-y – I gave this to a friend who loves honey scents who went on to buy at least another full bottle of this, so it may well work well for others.

  5. Ooh candied honey and beeswax with hint of citrus and vanilla/honeysuckle. I get a lot more of the beeswax and honeysuckle in perfume oil form. In the hair oil, I get a lot more of the citrus. Both are wonderful!

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