Brand: Smelly Yeti

Scent Description: Owls look like cats. This is kind of hard to explain. If you look at a photo of an owl, what do you see? Owl. In person, they just sort of…look like cats. Small children will even point to them and say “cat!” Despite the fact that the exhibit is clearly labeled BIRDS OF PREY. In the moment, it’s not hard to see why. That disdain in those big round eyes. Their love of perching. Only in flight do they look anything less than feline. The scent of wildness. Tomato leaves, grass, vanilla, dirt, a slight hint of anise.

3 thoughts on “Owlcat”

  1. vanilla and earthy green tomato leaf and a savoury-ness that I think comes from the anise and tomato leaf that has a hint of the tomato, this isn’t a sweet vanilla scent but the notes work together nicely its a wild scent that’s not traditionally outdoorsy

  2. Strong tomato leaf note that smells like tomatoes. I do get a little bit of something green as well. But the vanilla and anise blend very well with it. Very faint, doesn’t last long on my skin.

  3. At first I get a slightly spicy earthy smell. The anise gives it a comforting feel for me because we use it a lot in cooking at home lol. With wear I can smell the tomato leaves with a bit of fresh dirt on them.

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