Brand: Smelly Yeti

Scent Description: “Why are we floating around in this peach?” you say, looking nervously at the vines that are slowly encircling your makeshift boat, at their thorns. The Other seems unconcerned. You knew his name once, but have forgotten and feel afraid to ask. “I don’t know, but it’s probably some sort of weird metaphor.” A flock of fish fly overhead. “Can we…eat the peach?” you tear a chunk off the side. You chew it, and are almost choked with thick black honey. You spit it out. It’s a fig. “What about these berries?” The Other suggests. The vines have started growing these…things. They seem edible. You snap off a cluster, and it immediately swells huge in your hand. The unexpected heaviness almost pulls you out of the peach, but The Other grabs you, holds you back. “I don’t think I really want to try this.” you say, and the other points to an advancing flock of River Swimmers, fools who don’t even have a peach to live in. The Other takes the stem and feeds the crowd. “This way,” The Other says, “They won’t try to eat the peach, and we can figure out if it’s safe to eat the blue thing.” You simply stare ahead. The smell of the peach is heavy, heavy, and you can still taste the fig in your mouth. “Someone should invent clothes.” you say, sighing.

Released: The Bosch Trio

1 thought on “Purgatorio”

  1. Peach and heavy sugar syrup. There’s something a little green that might be fig in this, but it’s predominantly candied peach. It’s edging well into artificial territory with that honey note (a very white thin honey that is mostly sugar).

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