Astral Temple

Brand: Solstice Scents

Scent Description:

Illuminating golden amber mingles with a top note of sweet orange intertwined with spicy ginger and clove on a base of aged patchouli and vetiver. A subtle whiff of frankincense resin threads itself throughout. Astral Temple smells divine and deeply sensual and evokes the feeling of being in a still, dark room with nothing but incense smoke caressing you and flickering candles casting a warm orange glow from the boudoir. Astral Temple will have you soaring to view your Akashic records.

Astral Temple opens with sweet orange and amber touched by spices. The orange fades and the amber, spicy ginger and clove take first position. The earthy patchouli, woody vetiver and resinous frankincense are subtle but add to the full-bodied amber accord to give a deep, dark, mysterious atmosphere to the composition. Astral Temple contains a blend of fragrance oils as well as ginger and blood orange essential oil.

2 thoughts on “Astral Temple”

  1. This starts out as spicy citrus with ginger and clove. I got wafts of vanilla-esque amber throughout the day. It has settled to an amber patchouli blend that has a spicy citrus background. I find this scent very calming and grounding.

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