Brand: Solstice Scents

Scent Description: Reformulated 2017. An aged cedar chest filled with fine fabrics, exquisite lace-overlay dresses, heirloom linens and crocheted tops, forgotten in the attic of the manor house. The scent of this cedar chest and the soft mustiness of stored linens with the beautiful, yet faded, perfume of the owner still detectable upon the fabric is captured in the Attic Perfume. A fine vanilla blend is paired with the most gorgeous red cedar heartwood EO, aged sandalwood EO, cypress wood EO and the scent of dried rose petals pressed between brittle book pages. Attic starts out strong, with a burst of the cedar EO and vanilla but mellows into a sweet, woody, slightly dusty fragrance that is exquisitely atmospheric. It shares several notes with the Manor perfume and fans of Manor may enjoy Attic, especially if they like really gorgeous and true cedar essential oil. Attic can technically be considered a flanker to Manor and was originally a part of the Manor Collection set which featured rooms within the manor house (Library, Cellar and so on). This cedar smells just like an aged piece of dried cedarwood and pairs wonderfully with the other notes on the dry down.

Released: Manor Collection

7 thoughts on “Attic”

  1. This smells like musty wet dirt, but in a not fun way. It smells astringently department store perfume-y as well. Apparently there’s something about this that mixes badly with my skin texture because it did not smell good on me at all when I applied this recently, gave one of my roommates a migraine and had to scrub it off. ­čÖü

    1. Oh jeez, it must be late my time this was supposed to be a review for Cellar, not Attic. Must have backspaced.

  2. This was suggested to me when I was looking for a cedar scent. The cedar is lovely, but it pulled really vanilla on my skin. A sophisticated and complex vanilla. Still ISO of my perfect cedar.

  3. Perfectly balanced cedar and sweet rose-vanilla. A softer rose than I’m used to from the SS blends I have – almost rosewater-like. I wouldn’t interpret this scent as dusty at all, but rather a bit sharp and tannic at point (like real fresh wood or fresh paper). Very elegant and inoffensive.

  4. My absolute favorite indie of all time. Attic has the most gorgeous cedar note I’ve ever smelled, blended with vanilla and a touch of rose. It makes me think of wearing a fur from my great- grandmother, who was ultra sophisticated and elegant. Definitely my most treasured and evocative fragrance.

  5. The cedar is definitely upfront in this but it’s not pencil shavings rather the pure smell of either the living tree or a freshly built cedar cabin. The floral note isn’t exactly readable as pure rose but rather a ghost of a floral perfume that you can’t quite name which weaves in and out, akin to the rose in Conjure Dark which morphs significantly depending on the person chemistry on the day. Really love this and had to buy an FB. Luckily I couldn’t detect any cypress which is a death note for me, my skin turns cypress to straight up cat pee.

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