Cardamom Rose Sugar

Brand: Solstice Scents

Scent Description:

A warm candy-like blend of brown sugar, spicy green cardamom pods, Moroccan rose absolute and Bulgarian rose absolute. It is luscious, sweet and very enticing. On initial application, the rose and cardamom are most apparent with the sweet brown sugar beneath. When applied liberally, the cardamom will journey with you for a good 30 minutes to an hour. The rose smells like candied rose petals. It is young and gentle – not at all a matronly rose and not an assertive and overpowering rose. It blends perfectly with the cardamom and brown sugar. After about an hour the brown sugar is predominant, the cardamom has receded and the roses are very subtle and tame. The long term dry down is primarily a sugary, warm, brown candy scent. The scent is so divine that you will want to reapply often and breath deeply! Cardamom Rose Sugar is an alluring and romantic scent that smells almost edible.


6 thoughts on “Cardamom Rose Sugar”

  1. I love a good spicy rose and this is a very unique take on that type of scent. Most of these are middle eastern inspired and feature oud. This one however, takes a more gourmand approach and is much softer and more wearable then the usual rose spice fragrances. Cardamom Rose is pretty uncomplicated and linear for a Solstice, but that’s not a bad thing, you can smell rose, cardamom and brown sugar, all blending together beautifully. Very good projection as others have mentioned, I think I have another Solstice love 🙂

  2. I’m not a fan of this but it’s not at all a bad scent, It’s mostly brown sugar with spicy rose notes (from the cardamom and rose) – definitely unique and worth trying. I received this in sample form with one of my orders. I don’t really like the combination of the rose/brown sugar and am not really a huge fan of brown sugar notes in general and the brown sugar is very strong in this.

  3. Very heavy on the brown sugar! I got mostly toasty brown sugar and a hint of sweet rose, not much cardamom, which was a shame. Very traditionally sweet and girly.

  4. I’d only go for this if you’re absolutely sure you can stand cardamom in huge amounts. It was so intense I barely got any of the other notes.

  5. I find Cardamom Rose Sugar a very simple but intense fragrance. I can see why people would either love it or hate it. To be honest, I love and hate it too. The cardamom is very strong wet on the skin, and will cling to every piece of fabric that touches. I can’t really pinpoint the rose, but I feel like it kind of gives the cardamon a softer edge. The cardamom fades on my skin after maybe 1 or two hours and then I get a strong buttery gourmand pancake/brown sugar scent.

    If you want a nice cardamom scent, or a slightly niche edible gourmand, this is for you. If you want a rose fragrance, not so much.

  6. Cardamom Rose Sugar is a very balanced scent on me. I was surprisingly impressed by such an ostensibly simple blend. I agree that the rose is demure and soft – as a whole, the scent description is accurate. The cardamom’s spice is tempered by the soft rose, any powdery or overpowering tendencies of rose are tempered by the sugar, and the sweetness of the sugar (decidedly warm and brown, not candy-sweet) is offset by the punchiness of the cardamom. The combination is wonderful and you can pick out every individual component. Over time, the brown sugar becomes more prominent as the other notes recede. Overall, I’m fond of this scent, but find that its simple sweetness is something I prefer in a bath and body product, so I mixed it into a moisturiser.

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