Casting Shadows

Brand: Solstice Scents

Scent Description:

Our Light & Shadows: Amber Series continues with the debut of Casting Shadows. The first release in this series was Sea of Gray, which highlighted white amber and ambergris paired with rain, saltwater and vanilla to represent diffuse light. Each perfume in this series focuses on a gradation of light paired with an interpretation of amber to represent the given shade.

Casting Shadows showcases a generous dose of golden amber along with a nag champa incense accord, a touch of dried sugar maple leaves and distant wood smoke to represent shadows. Casting Shadows is a cloaked mystery paired with somber stillness in the hours after midnight. The swirl of amber, leaves and incense balance on the edge of a fall night, just on the cusp of winter. Dominant notes of amber and nag champa. The nag champa accord is saturated with sustainably harvested sandalwood essential oil. The fragile crunchy sugar maple leaves crumble in your hands. They are softly present at initial application and will fade below the amber and incense as the perfume wears. The wood smoke is very soft and weaves seamlessly with the incense smoke to become almost indistinguishable. This unisex fragrance is recommended for lovers of amber and incense perfumes. The amber is rich and full bodied, with a pleasant sweetness, a little resin and no powdery notes. The most restrained spice, floral, oud and vanilla nuances are added to the generous amount of sandalwood in the nag champa accord.


8 thoughts on “Casting Shadows”

  1. on first application pulled cool damp leaves, and slight slight smoke. As it dried down I could pick out the maple and it’s bit of sweetness. I never really got much solid nag champa, so I think it’s just hanging out in there mixing and warming everything up. After a solid dry down, all I have is a sweet amber skin scent, which I actually really like. I’ve learned I’m a little fickle when it comes to amber, and this one hits the right tones for me.

  2. Really wonderful! This is a lovely Nag Champa Incense with a spicy/smoky gourmand vibe. Very much a fall scent, cozy and warm, I love it 🙂

  3. Maybe it’s batch variation or my vial hasn’t rested enough but this isn’t nearly as sweet to me as I expected from previous reviews. There is plenty of amber in here but it is heavily tempered by woodsmoke. Later in the wear the smoke calms down and lets the amber sweeten a bit. I can see this getting better with time.

  4. Amber and maple, along with a subtle wooden smokiness. Very nice. Need to let my sample age a bit to detect the lovely incense aspect.

  5. Everything else drowned in the amount of amber in this one. If SS’s ‘golden’ amber and maple notes work for you then it’s worth a try, but beware, this perfume is intense! Amber lovers will enjoy it.

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