Devil’s Tongue

Brand: Solstice Scents

Scent Description:

Devil’s Tongue returns in a reformulated version. This is similar to the original but not exact. A chypre base (oakmoss absolute, labdanum absolute and bergamot essential oil) supports loads of warm, earthy aged patchouli, brown leather, fine tobacco, a touch of oud and sandalwood and faint traces of frankincense, black tea and vanilla. It would traditionally be classified as masculine leaning perfume that is very patchouli, brown leather, oakmoss and tobacco heavy. Perfect for anyone who enjoys dark and heavier scents featuring the listed notes.

Upon initial application, bergamot top notes tickle your nose as the oakmoss, earthy patchouli and sweet balsamic amber lurks just beneath. After just a few seconds Devil’s Tongue gives way to rich brown leather followed immediately by cured tobacco. This is a strong, powerful, unabashed perfume. Supporting notes of sandalwood, vanilla, oud and more contribute additional depth. The leather and tobacco eventually subside and meld with the chypre and the patchouli begins to step forward. Great staying power, very strong and diffusive. The bergamot used is bergeptene-free.

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